Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Slumber party club(aka vodka hates me) and Don't open that window.

First rule of Slumber party club is, you do not TALK about Slumber party club..The second rule of Slumber party club is, you do not fall asleep first..Or you totally get messed with! Ok, so I'm breaking the first rule, but I made them up. So I can do that! Poor Ashleigh did fall asleep first or passed out(semantics)what ever you want to call it. We took really embarrassing pictures of her and a weenie. That I will not post,due to the fact that she might beat our asses....Did I mention that we pick her up in a bar! As must as I knew that Tequila tried to kill me once, I now know Vodka hates me. In the fact that I do really STUPID things when I drink(like peeing in someones yard). Thats why it only happens once every ten years. We did come up with a lot of catch phrases. Like looking for a needle in a haystack is now code for looking for a small penis. There is nothing like six woman hanging out and having fun, but drinking and then having to climb two sets of stairs is a bad idea. I survived, but it took days to recover..

"Don't open that window" could be used metaphorically.(I love using metaphors;see above pargraph) As in don't open that window of opportunity or don't even start something, but this time I mean literally! My Mother decided to open the window at her house, I guess she forgot about the air conditioner. It came crashing to the ground and almost broke out the window. Jay heard the crash and ran in to find her staring at the open window with a "what the F***" look on her face. Then she got mad. When my mother gets mad, its a run for the hills kind of mad. And people wonder where I get it from. Jay (the saint) put the air conditioner back and fixed what ever the problem was, and all was saved. And none of my mothers five-million cats were injured in making of this story(they sleep under the window sometimes).

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