Monday, August 9, 2010

We almost died!!!!....Ok, not really and why I'm not taking Ambien...

We almost died!...Ok, not really. I've always known Jay will some how kill me,I really thought it would be in a fiery crash or me tripping on a hanger he left on the floor. But the other night I watched my life flash before me, because of pump #5. We were waiting in line to get gas and so was this kid. We started to pull forward and kid started to back up to the pump. Not sure why he was doing this because his gas tank was on the other side of his car. Jay then honks at him, he flips us off and parks in front of the station. Jay of course can't keep his mouth shut and gets out of his car and says "its not my fault you can't f***ing drive". The kid next to us says "I heard that" and then I realize that its a pack of about five cars filled with kids (twenty something boys) all together. And I start thinking great, I'm going to get beat to death because I'm to stupid to let Jay die alone! They were all talking trash like "lets kick his ass" and even with my ninja skills we didn't have a chance. So I start looking in the car for a weapon, just in case. And I got nothing!! Execpt a left over flag from Fourth of July and what am I going to do? smart them with patriotism. And then I'm thinking my dad would be so disappointed that I'm not prepared. But I have my phone. I should just call the police, but what do I tell them...Oh yea something might happen want to come out here?..Jay gets out to pay and I make him take the keys with him to put in his fist, again just in case. He pays, comes back to car and nothing happens...I just FREAKED out for nothing!

I been having trouble sleeping. So I thought about getting a precription for Ambien, but now I'm thinking that would be a bad idea. Because apparently you black out, eat weird things and do random drunk calling. Thats why I rarely drink and don't do drugs, God knows I'm crazy enough without the help. Plus I'm always on a diet and don't want to wake up one morning and the cat be missing. So now I'm just going to contiune my slow addiction to Nyquil.

P.S. Now you know why I never cough or sneeze... ;)

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