Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fighting a Bear with a Popsicle Stick and It So Wasn't Worth It...

This weekend my mom was trying to get her lawn mower fixed, and in the garage was a gigantic hornets nest. My mother is deathly allergic to hornets. (As in she once got stung and the doctor thought she was having a stroke) She comes out with a can of fly spray. So we're all what the hell? You're going to try to kill hornets with fly spray?!? And she says YES! I ask "do you have an EpiPen?" And she says NO! So I took the can away from her. And she was not happy! So Wynette decides to play ninja and pull her team Edward hoodie up and kill some Hornets!....With fly spray....F.Y.I. Fly spray will in fact slow down hornets, but you really have to step on them while they're dazed and confused. So we all stood in yard watching Wynette, until we had to run screaming like idiots from drunk hornets. Then my mom gave us this speech about how she does that everyday, when no one else is around. And we all felt comforted to know that she's truly crazy. As Louis was giving me that what the hell look, I said "you should see her fighting a bear with a Popsicle stick". And Louis just nodded at me. And I am pretty sure he was thinking they are all crazy....And he would be right!

So we tried to decorate our house for halloween. And it so wasn't worth it!! I can't stress how much it wasn't. We had this Frankenstein that goes around your tree and looks like you have the monster tied to the tree. How hard can it be, Right? First of all Jay had a hard time getting all the pieces together. And then as we're carrying it outside Jay says "Well don't step on it!". And then as I bend down to pick it up, Jay let the screen door slam on my head. And then he starts laughing!! It was a really loud thud and the neighbors came outside to see what the noise was. He felt really bad and tried to hug me and I pushed him away, not because I was mad but because he was standing on my foot. At that point I was all screw this, and I gave up. And the decoration looks like crap...

P.S. I do not in anyway endorse fighting a bear with a popsicle stick. Unless you are crazy, it just might work out for you......


  1. Edward Hoodie protected me. I killed all the wasp didn't I.


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  3. I told Louis Twilight would protect you! :)


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